BRM 200 Bodensee

The air still felt cold from the night during the first kilometers

On the 15th of April 2023, around twenty people from the different Velove workshops joined the BRM 200 Bodensee+ organized by Audax Suisse. The goal was pretty simple: cycle around the Bodensee in less than 13h30min! That represents 215 km (+18 optional if you feel like going up Pfänder) and is one of the shortest rides organized by Audax Suisse.

We had a few flat tires, big mood swings, some head wind but the important thing is that we all proudly made it to the finish! Even better: the organizing team welcomed us with loads of well deserved food!

Part of group waiting in front of the Turnhalle of Buch for the start
Happily arrived at the first checkpoint in Lindau
Time to get some calories in
Off we go!
No cars in sight

Do you want to be part of it? You can join the Velove Slack and keep an eye on the #event_socialrides or #spontaneousrides channels! You can also follow us on Instagram @veloveuzh!

Big thank you to Lennart Döppenschmitt for the amazing pictures <3

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