Airpumps, Trip Planner and Parking Spaces

Ever wonder where the next pump is? or where you can park your bike? Tired of shitty roads full of cars with no bike lanes? I have good news for you, the city of Zürich has amazing tools, that many don’t know about!

Velo Map

Here is the link: ———-> Velo Map <————

The green dots are the Zürich public air pumps. They are not the best but can save you.

Bonus: There’s a good pump in front of the Hönggerberg Workshop, even when they’re not open. And of course we have some at our Workshop, but only during opening time.

Die Angebote für das Velo. - Stadt Zürich
Zürich public bicycle pumps

Blue/Orange dots show parking spots. As a bonus, I also put the public toilets in there.

The red lines are the most bicycle friendly ways, it is really better than the main streets, and often faster because you are not blocked by cars and red lights. These roads are always indicated with the dark red bicycle signs like the one below. It is really worth it to look for them and follow them!

Wyland–Downtown - Veloland
Legend of the velo map

Trip Planner

In the map, on the left, type the address you want to go to, then click on the route icon. Type the departure address. careful: you have to select bike as a mean of transportation, it is pedestrian by default. The tool will offer you two routes: a fast one and an attractive one – your choice.

In the end, the best is to try different routes and see which one you prefer, and share it with others, I will start: I hate the way from ETH to the workshop via the main road. Here is an alternative, much nicer route:

it might seem longer, but there’s no red lights and no cars blocking the way, so it is even faster at rush hour 😉

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